i am moving.

hey friend––

well i am here. i am here living at my boss’ place until i finally make the move to good ole california!

to say the least, this is not what i had planned or thought the way things would be going when finally deciding to move to california. but i cannot predict life and the way it works.

i just live it.

so i am here just sitting on the couch (not at starbucks this time… i know…. shocker…) and i am just counting down until my last day here in oklahoma… at least for a long while. i enjoyed some of the memories that i had made here. i wish most of them were happy ones, but i definitely got through all of that…

honestly, i don’t even know if this post is making any sense today…

i am taking couples’ pictures later today. my old co-worker and her boyfriend wanted me to take some very amateur pictures of them. i honestly do not know all of the ropes when it comes to taking pictures with actual people.

as you have probably seen most of my pictures as the “featured image” of the posts, i take pictures of nature and random objects…

anyway… i am heading out for now. i think i will take a quick nap before i start to snap…

get it? nap before i snap? snap referring to snapping pictures… oh well, i never said i was good at the puns…


be well, my friend.
jb [17:27]


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