the anti-depressant

hey friend–


so, today i visited the doc and got put on anti-depressants.

fun fun, right?

actually not really.

i feel like now that i’ve hit that low, i am now taking pills to make me better.
it kind of sucks… i still feel down now that i am taking them…

i don’t know why… i just feel like… i really cannot explain how i feel…

the side affects kicked in about a few hours ago…

side affects from the anti-depressants consist of many things…

one of those being nausea… weakness in strength, yawning (yawning as i type this), irritability….


this upcoming monday will be my 4th session with my therapist.

although, my doctor recommended that i see a psychiatrist…

so i don’t know if i am going to be seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist or just one or the other…

i don’t really know what to expect from the psychiatrist…

anyway… i’m gonna go..

this medication is making me feel weird. i better get home before things get outta hand.


be well, my friend.


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