my first lone adventure…

hey friends–


so yesterday, sunday, i went on my very first lone adventure. i got up, ran a few errands, and just thought… i really do not want to be home right now.

so i put in my phone directions to the nearest state park.

which so happened to be, Robber’s Cave, in Wilburton, OK.

to be honest, it was the most freedom i have ever felt. i’ve never been on a little road trip by myself before… it was super relaxing.

it was just a drive 2.5 hours south…

2.5 hours just to get away from all the craziness.

2.5 hours just to get away from the sadness… the loneliness.

it’s ironic… me trying to get away from the loneliness even though the trip consisted of me and only me.

but yeah, the trip was nice.

dark thoughts did not consume the day.

the stars and planets were aligned and destined to make me a happy guy for the day.

i for sure did not want the day to end, but it had to of course.

hopefully soon, i will experience many more days like this.

days like this meaning happy days…

i don’t really get much of those…

anyways, i took a few pictures with the camera i got recently. enjoy the pictures.


be well my friend,
jb [18:24]


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