a little scared.

hey friend–

step 1…… check.


finally… finally… finally…

i’ve done it. i’ve done step one. the road to recovery is starting to pave its way.

courage and confidence had finally clashed and cross paths and i talked to a doctor about depression and mental health.

she asked me what i was having problems with and i gave her the jist of what i was going through.

it was a pretty scary moment for me.

before i even said anything, i was really scared… i had no clue what the outcome would have been when i had brought it up. i surprised myself that i even had the courage to bring it up.

she had given me a list of therapists to go over and i did my scouting.

step 2…… half-check.

i have contacted a counseling office… and got a phone number to a therapist.

i just haven’t contacted them yet…

i am still running back and forth on whether this will be worth it or not.

i know participation is key. and i know i will do my part, but what if the outcome wasn’t something that could fix me?

am i fixable?

answer: unknown.

i’m going to head out for now. lets see what these next few days would be like for me.


be well, my friend.
jb [20:47]



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