back home

hey friend,


this past week, i recently moved back to my parents house. not quite the thing i would have expected to do this year, but it is what it is.

this gives me a chance to not stress so much over bill and gets me to focus on myself and being around the little kids more.

i am now off to better things. i just bought a camera so i can start getting into photography and videography, i am pretty stoked about that.

and to top it off, i bought myself a plane ticket to visit some family in california.

my cousin is graduating high school, so i will be staying there for about 10 days or so. it should be really fun considering i haven’t been there since 2014.

back to my mental health. now that i have been relieved from some financial binds and stress, i can most likely afford to see someone about getting better.

things are looking up like i had hoped for.

anyway, send me good vibes friends. i am  going to need it.


be well, my friend.
jb [13:53]


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