pretty sounds

hey friend,


i’ve been distant with you as of late. how are you? good i hope.

i’ve been struggling here.

i am feeling hopeless and tired.

i am weak.

the thoughts of going to see someone to find help has been frequent. but at last minute, i find myself turning around to the only place i know… the darkness.

it sucks having this mind of mine. i don’t know if i could ever get my happiness.

but do i even deserve to happy? i think everyone does. but i’ve been hurt and i’ve hurt others, maybe i lost my chance being happy and this is my punishment. this depression.

as always, i try to find ways to escape the pain. thankfully music was created. otherwise, i would be an even more lost soul than i already am.

anyway, i’ve been pushing people out like always… i feel like it’ll ruin my relationship with these people, but honest to goodness, i can’t let them be around me when this darkness is taking over my life.

i am trying to be strong and go it on my own, but it’s not working very well… like i said before. i am weak. weak and vulnerable.

i want to cry and make it all go away. but i just can’t. i have no strength to overcome this.

anyway… i’ve got to go for now…

be well, my friend.
jb [13:54]


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