finding love

hey friend,


question… can someone like me, a guy that is fighting depression, ever find love?

well as of late, i’ve been watching romance movies. kind of dumb, huh?


it’s random, but honestly. will i ever find something like that?

i know that this depression is a big part of my life right now, but i don’t want it to be anymore. so i guess that means, i have a little bit of hope.

which is great… right?

but the sad thing is every time i watch these movies, it brings not only a little bit of hope, but sadness too because it scares me that i might not find the type of love i see in these movies.

but it brings me hope. i just have to keep remembering that.

another thing is… i haven’t fully come out to anyone. no one really knows about my sexuality. it honestly sucks.

but there’s hope… i just know it. i can’t really see it, but i know. i just know that it’s there.

see you next post, and until then…


be well, my friend.
jb [22:31]


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