in the dark

sorry, friend.


i told myself i was going to commit and be the better person that i should be. it’s been way too damn hard to be that kind of person anymore. i think i’ve lost him.

if i had to put words into art, you’d see a trapped soul buried in darkness. you can see the demons grasp his body as he tries to escape. he can’t escape. he is now in the demons possession.

he is no longer the person he used to be.

he cries at night, hoping for light. hoping for someone to come along and pull him out of the darkness. but none shall prevail. he is useless now.

the room is getting darker. the whole environment is turning into a black hole.

he wants to take his own life and get rid of it all. but he can’t. he is a coward. he is hopeless.

so until he can find the light, he will forever be stuck in the dark.


i’m sorry friend.
jb [03:38]


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