a dream. part one.

my eyes opened up and i found myself driving
in the snowing
surprisingly, i was driving well
with no doubt i was nervous
the destination i was heading towards frightened me
but i knew that it was something that i had to do


i am walking towards the entrance of a hospital
i walk in
the place seemed to be empty
i didn’t see anyone is around
the lights were dim in the hallway
but i still walked towards the doors labeled “staff only”


i am still in the hospital,
but i find myself walking into a room
the curtains are closed
but for some reason i knew that there was someone laying in the hospital bed
i looked at the couch and saw a man
with relief, i noticed he was sleeping
he was not the man i had come to see
the man on the couch is someone i did not care for
i pass by him and open the curtains that surrounded the bed
there he was
he was he looked calm and pleasant with his eyes closed
he was as beautiful as i had remembered
it was quiet in the room
i can hear him breathing in and out
i enjoyed every minute of it
until the moment he had woken up
he looked up at me
he smile lit up the dark room we were in
his lips moved
i could not hear the words he was speaking
but i know exactly what he was saying


we are laying in the hospital bed together
lying there next to him was the best feeling i’ve felt in a while
i’ve missed him dearly
the one who i do not care for had woken up
finding us laying in the bed together
he stormed out of the room
with all the fuss, i looked at him
he brushed off what had happened
he looked at me, moving closer to me
and pressed his lips against my forehead


i am back in my car
it is now raining
the windshield wipers swayed back and forth
i watched them closely
paying no attention to anything else around me
the phone vibrated letting me know i had received a message
i had no motivation to pick it up to see who it was
lighting struck nearby
leaving the hairs on my arm rise
i shook it off and
i looked up at my rearview mirror
the silhouette of a man passed by


the end.

hey friend,

i am going to start writing out short stories every now and then… these stories are from dreams i’ve had in the past that thankfully still linger in my mind. i really hope you like them. please come back for the next short story… and until then, as always…

be well, my friend.
jb [20:08]


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