looking up

hey friend,


i never went to sleep last night. my brain would never fully shut down for me to rest. time flew as the night went on and until morning came.

i’m grateful the monsters that lurk in the dark didn’t take over and consume me in sadness and fear. i smile at the thought of that. for such a minuscule happening, it gave me hope that i still have… well, i guess hope.

work has been okay so far. i’ve been staying busy as always. the stress level has been climbing, but it ain’t nothing that i haven’t been dealing with before. i can handle this.

boss called me in today. at first i thought it was going to be about the mood i’ve been in. thankfully it wasn’t. it was something much better than that.

i wish i could spill all details, but i’m afraid i’ll jinx myself. i’m known to speak too soon before good things happen.

i’ll wait until things are… official. so until then,


be well, my friend.
jb [11:59]


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