starting over

hey friend,


the past 3 weeks have been weird. work life has been more tense and awkward than normal. well, has it honestly ever been normal? eh. who cares. i really won’t get into that crap.

i went to a friend last week and confided a little about what has been recent in my life. i went to him in search of advice, or i guess in reality, just someone to talk to.

i was afraid. i almost cried. i was shaking with fear and trying to overcome the anxiety from just talking about all of it. it was scary. i was tense. and i am sure my friend could tell. i couldn’t even look him in the eye. it was tough.

i’ve also been stressed because i am moving out of my apartment here in a few weeks. there is a big chance that i will be moving back to the parents house, but i am not even sure about that anymore. it’s been three years since i first moved out.

but the change is inevitable and i am not looking forward to any of it.

cheers to a fresh start, i guess? who knows what will happen next. who knows where i will be living in the next few weeks.

i will keep you updated as soon as possible. so until then,

be well, my friend.
jb [21:20]


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